Eco Green Homes Ltd Are Green consultant and developer of Green Homes technologies; addressing a growing demand for Green healthy and affordable living with a reduced environmental impact. Increased consumer awareness of environmental issues has driven demand for green buildings, creating a new market segment within the housing industry. Presently this trend has been available only for higher-priced homes; however, using the efficiencies of Green Home Model construction, our company will make green features available without a high price tag.

Eco Green Homes redefines the building industry, offering a home that is not only affordable, but also offers a healthier indoor environment and a lower environmental impact when compared to traditional homes. Specifically, Eco Green Homes will reduce natural resource use and construction waste, increase energy and water efficiency, and improve indoor air quality. Eco Green Homes recognizes that different customers have varying desires and value customizability; hence, we offer a spectrum of Green Homes options.



Use of natural green building products along with state of the art intelligent green technology working together to keep your house healthy and ultra-modern.
Careful planning goes into a green construction. Eco Green Homes build using in-house Intelligent Green Home Technology (IGH) PATENT PENDING.
We have access to New Zealand Energy Forum Research,NZEF is doing research on Green Homes since 2006.