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Many custom homebuilders, while successful, don’t grow to the level they would achieve if they don’t adopt the latest market trend and state of the art technology and resources.Our unique Green Home franchise system can provide your business with an operating model that fosters Green Building growth with more security, an important advantage in these times. We offer superior home designs, a proven marketing program and operating methods supported by the best and most complete software package available in the industry today.Green design excellence, managemnet professionalism,interntional knowledge and the ability to change grow and help nation and environent. In an increasingly competitive climate, what lessons could be important for home builders? And what product can be better than Green Homes?
Green Building and green living are the industry benchmarks. Few builders have the know- how to build state of the art affordable international standard Green homes.Eco Green Homes is making a quantifiable contribution towards reducing the environmental impact of new home construction. Our company is committed to the idea of sustainability realized through implementation of a triple bottom line: achieving financial, social, and environmental goals.


Eco Green Homes is a complete Green home package.  Customers are prefering Green  homes over norml new homes because of our excellent designs, affordable prices, high HERS ratings, shorter construction time, and lower environmental impact over the entire building life-cycle.

Greater Resale Value
As people are educated on Green products, Eco Green Homes will have a greater resale value. Experience in Australia and other countries has shown that the value of a house with an Energy Star rating and Eco Home features is significantly higher than a comparable house without Eco features and a star-rating. A house which is designed and constructed as an Eco-friendly home and has an Energy Star rating will be more energy efficient and, therefore, will cost less to heat and cool. In general, it will be healthier and more comfortable to live in an Eco Green Homes because it maintains desired temperatures and is healthy.


Existing private contractors or contracting businesses are  ideal candidates for a Eco Green Home franchise. Expand your existing business and capture more market share by adding Green home building services.

Attract new eco-savvy clients who are looking for a new green homes whole home solution that includes reducing energy costs, and harness the power of the “bottom line” by proving to clients affordable Green Homes.

If you have a background in contract work or are currently operating a contracting business, contact us today to request your franchise information brochure.

Green Homes was founded on three beliefs about buildings:

  • They should be efficient in their energy use.
  • They should be healthy for residents.
  • They should minimize their impact on the environment.

These beliefs, coupled with a sincere commitment to service, integrity and hard work, have not just given us a sense of purpose.