Our Point of Difference


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Homes have significant environmental impacts beyond energy and climate change. Green homes construction and renovation industry is vital to our nation’s economy,our individual health and our children’s future.

Certified Green rating-

8 Star rating out of 10 star, achieved on HERS rating tool.
5 Star out of 5 star, achieved on Life Mark rating.

Our home is a place where we spend significant amounts of our time on a daily basis. As such, it is very important to have a healthful home environment, including good indoor air quality.

A green home can be more energy and water efficient and it can also have a reduced carbon footprint, be less expensive to operate, and be a healthier place to live. But it’s so important to understand that not everything advertised as ‘Green’ always succeeds in meeting these goals.

Facing the reality of dwindling natural resources, we believe if you can build better, you must build better. It is not enough to build to code! We have the knowledge, technology and most importantly, the desire, to provideyou with a truly high-performance green home.

In shaping our green and energy efficiency new generation Eco Green homes, we chose to take a revolutionary approach. We have succeeded – with a powerful combination of determination and creativity.

At the same time, we believe we have set new standards in ‘Green Homes’ demonstrating that the ‘Green Homes’ along with Vaastu /Fengshui centuries-old proven method of building science if merged it works best and has a bright future when adapted intelligently to address modern challenges.

The revolutionary IGH Intelligent Green Home Process innovation in Green Building Constructionis the use of highly efficient thermal insulation with the wooden structural components.

Tested before launching in market. Our client’s has lived in the Green home and tested the house to check how best it performs and after living in it for 5 years launched Green Homes in the market.