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Triple glazed windows


Triple Glazed uPVC Low e , Argon gas filled windows.Window profile from Veka Germany.People often ask why do we need triple glazed in NZ.Our walls are R 2.6 insulated and the best double glazed aluminium windows have approx. R 0.35 insulated value, which results in major heat loss through double glazed windows, so it is a future proof smart step to have triple glazed windows so you can regain the heat in the room.

Lacquer kitchens


German Technology lacquer kitchens with Blum accessories.German kitchens meet the European green standards to minimize release of gas and chemicals in the air.

Green Home Shower & LED Taps


Computerised shower units with LED lighting, music, steam, temp control. Water saving taps and faucets.Ultra modern Hydro powered shower heads which change colour based on temperature of water and generate power by using water pressure.Using mini micro turbine or self-powered hydro-generator as main power source, hence, eliminating the need for batteries or AC power.

Hydro powered shower


Touch free European standard toilets


Water saving taps upto 50%


Eco-friendly electronic faucet series is a self-powered tap that helps in saving the water usage, conserve energy features.We have used latest technological water saving faucets. These faucets use water to generate power. This power is used to lit Led light which change colour based on temperature.

Dustmite Resistant Carpet


Neon silver technology carpet which reduces dustmite eggs.

Green toilet


These toilets have cleaning nozzles which can save several rolls of toilet tissue, saving thousands of tree and reducing carbon foot of the house.Digital technology toilet have inbuilt features like self cleaning, auto flush, massage, music, air freshener etc. 8 Star rated toilet which uses recycle water.All toilets have in build double flush for water saving.